Naya Rivera Surgery Pictures

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Being Controversy

Being a public figure in the worlds of entertainment actually will not regardless of the spotlight. Both in terms of appearance, personality or day to day activities. Moreover, if the artists has committed an activity that can cause controversy. So is experienced by Naya Rivera. Do you know Naya Rivera? She is an artist famous through her acting in the popular TV series among teenagers in the world, namely Glee. […]

Nicki Minaj Surgery Pictures

Issue of Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

Appearance of an artist is indeed a most important thing. Because through their appearances they can continue to embark upon their careers. Without that capital, they may not be able to exist in the world of entertainment. That is a lot of artist who are vying to beautify their self with a wide variety of ways. One of the shortcuts that are widely used by artist today is plastic surgery. […]

Priscilla Presley Botox Injections

Accusations of Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery

Do you know Melissa Gilbert? Melissa Gilbert is best known as the artist who plays some holywood movies. And one of the most phenomenal TV series that she is cast is “The House on the Praire”. In that time, he was cast as the little girl by the name of Laura. The film is indeed very notable in that day. Despite that, Melissa Gilbert also played another role in subsequent […]

Melissa Gilbert Nose Job Surgery

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Make Her Face Damaged

Required to always perform maximal and ideal in every appearance, making a lot of public figures willing to sacrifice large budged to beauty the look of them. Not just satisfied with a wide range of cosmetics and grooming salon, made not a few artists decided to display his body with the plastic surgery. The aim to beautify they self and their appearance to make it look more full potential. But […]

Did Park Bom Do Plastic Surgery

2NE1 Park Bom Plastic Surgery

Park Bom is one of K-pop artists who are members of the girl group 2NE1. Besides having a beautiful face, her voice is also good. However, like most artists K-pop, Park Bom also does some plastic surgery to get a beautiful facial appearance. Before performing plastic surgery, face shape Park Bom looks very different than today. This is because some treatments are carried out by Park Bom. To find out […]

Valeria Lukyanova Surgery Ribs

Valeria Lukyanova Plastic Surgery: When Barbie Comes Alive

Having the obsession to look extremely beautiful, along with the desire to appear like what certain characters look like is accused to be the main reason of humans’ physically and psychologically hurt. Or not. Take a look at Valeria Lukyanova plastic surgery. She’s been obsessed in having a Barbie look. She’s wanted it so bad to live the rest of her life in her role figure world. The many procedures […]

Holly Madison Botox Surgery

Does Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Go Well?

Being a celebrity sometimes doesn’t always feel that comfortable. To be able to appear with the most perfect style is their mission every day. Not to mention the intense competition between fellow celebs to grab more attention from people. The glitters and luxury has to be paid with their bloody effort and high determination. It is not taboo these days to see the facts that celebrities have some transformations on […]